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Befrienders in Online Media

1. The Subject of suicide and suicide prevention has been very much in the news recently. This has resulted in awareness for suicide-prevention and much needed publicity for the Befrienders. There were many responses in support of our views expressed in the letter 'Suicide a cry for help'.  
(The Star, March 12)  from various sectors, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and UK in support.
Link: The Star Online - Suicide A Cry for Help

2. On 19 March, National News Agency, BERNAMA released an article on the Befrienders, 'Reaching out to those on the suicidal path'. It's the 3rd part of a series on suicide.
Link: Malaysian National News Agency - Reaching Out to Those On The Suicidal Path

3. We had a touching and impassioned response, a plea from Tiara Shafiq, a young person from Brisbane, Australia. To read her statement, 'Stupidest idea for suicide prevention ever'.
Link: Educate Deviate - Stupidest Idea For Suicide Prevention Ever

4. Prof. T Maniam's response in The Star. Prof Manian is Consultant Psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer, UKM and Malaysian rep to IASP. 'The sucidal need support not punishment'.
Link: The Star Online - The Suicidal Need Support, Not Punishment

5. Response in The Star from Steffie, Auckland, New Zealand. 'Listen, you can save precious lives'.
Link: The Star Online - Listen, You Can Saves Precious Lives

6. Response in The Star from Tan Lee Huan, Bukit Mertajam 'Show compassion to the depressed'.
Link: The Star Online - Show Compassion The The Depressed

7. Comments by Befrienders Kota Kinabalu in the Sabah Daily Post, 'Concern over labelling of suicide as criminal offence'. 
Link: Sabah Daily Post - Concern Over Labelling of Suicide As Criminal Offence

8. BFM 89.9 radio station recently aired a series of 3 interviews with the Chairman of the Befrienders KL in their community and health segment. You can listen to the edited versions of interviews by clicking the following links to the pod-casts of BFM 89.9.
Link: The Befrienders - Emotional Support for the Suicidal
Link: A Cry for help answered with Compassion
Link: The Distressed Elderly

9. The Utusan Malaysia published an article on Befrienders, 'Remaja berisiko tinggi bunuh diri'.
Link: Utusan Malaysia - Remaja berisiko tinggi bunuh diri

10. The STAR published an article on finding help, 'Someone to lean on'.
Link: The STAR Online - Someone to lean on

11. Another article in The STAR by the same writer, 'Just a call away'.
Link: The STAR Online - Just a call away

12. An article in The STAR about detecting depression, 'Detect it early, treat it early'.
Link: The STAR Online - Detect it early

13. In October, the chairman of the Befrienders wrote a letter to the STAR, 'Let's prevent suicide'.
Link: The STAR Online - Let's prevent suicide

14. Another letter from Prof. T. Maniam published in the STAR, 'Much can be done to prevent suicide'.
Link: The STAR Online - Much can be done to prevent suicide

15. A series of articles about suicide from
Link: Should suicidal people be penalised?
Link: Religious perspective on suicide
Link: Under-reporting of suicide a major problem
Link: Those considering suicide more of a younger age

16. For more updated news about Befrienders KL, please visit our Facebook Page.


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Befrienders in Print Media

1. Article from The Sun on 21 April 2009 Issue about the state of affairs among Malaysian youths titled 'Think of Your Future'
Download PDF: The Sun - Think of Your Future

2. Article from The Sun on 6 May 2009 Issue titled 'Help Only A Call Away'
Download PDF: The Sun - Help Only A Call Away



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